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The Importance of Pre-purchase Inspections

Pre-purchase inspections are definitely a great investment. It is your right to have a pre delivery inspection by a shop of your choice. If the seller is hesitant to allow the inspection, BEWARE! Before purchasing any vehicle, either from a used car lot or a private party, we strongly recommend you have Robinson Automotive perform a pre-purchase inspection before you make a purchase. Too often, we have customers come into our shop excited about the used car they just purchased only to have an inspection reveal extensive maintenance or repairs necessary that were not disclosed at the time of the sale. The most important advantage is your peace of mind. You don’t need to wonder whether the salesman or vehicle owner is being totally honest with you.

The vehicle is thoroughly checked for accident damage, rust etc. The inspection includes a visual inspection, written report and road test. In some cases a compression test is performed. The items found in need of maintenance or repairs are listed along with the estimated cost. This list will offer you some negotiating power with the seller as these will need to be addressed. It may tell you that maybe this isn’t the car for you! Either way you win!

Transmission Repair


Maintenance is the Mother of Prevention! Transmission fluid service is vital to the life of your transmission. Avoid expensive transmission repairs by servicing your transmission as recommended. Over time, debris and shards of metal contaminate the transmission fluid. Our team of ASE Certified and Master Mechanics are here to service your transmission and offer repair options if needed. We appreciate the opportunity to EARN your confidence and trust!

Suspension Repair


Pot holes? What Potholes?? Commercials tell stories of pillow smooth rides through the woods and mountains……Ahhh. If your ride has been effected by Lake Havasu’s roads & Potholes bring it to Robinson Automotive for suspension service. Our knowledgeable team will make sure your family is comfortable on the ride home or your next adventure with fewer bumps and a smoother, softer, safer ride. Your vehicles suspension affects performance in two key areas: handling and safety. Driving with worn out shocks and struts can feel rough and uncomfortable and can prevent your tires from tracking evenly on the road causing swaying when you press the brake pedal. We welcome the opportunity to Earn your confidence and trust!

Engine Diagnostics


Don’t let your car battery or electrical system strand you or your family! Automotive electrical systems can be serviced and repaired by the automotive electrical experts at Robinson Automotive.

The major components of your car’s electrical system are:

  • Battery
  • Alternator
  • Starter
  • Cables & Connections
  • Computer
  • Sensors
  • Lights

Your car’s electrical system should be completely inspected and tested every two years or whenever serviced for any type of drivability problem. Many problems associated with day-to-day drivability are caused by low voltage or voltage variations and checking your electrical system is the first step in troubleshooting any electrically-related problem. This is due to the use of computerized controls in most cars these days and even quite minor voltage changes can alter the controls.

If you believe you are experiencing any electrically related issues with your car, truck or SUV, give the automotive electrical experts at Robinson Automotive a call today or make an appointment.

Engine Repair

Engine Repair

Looking for experts in engine repair? In Lake Havasu, it’s Robinson Automotive! lake Havasu’s recommend most trusted because we take time to explore your options in auto repair and maintenance for all you car care needs. Oil Change, Tune Up, Engine Repair to Engine Overhaul, We Do It All! Our goal is to find the best solution for your vehicles and your families safety. We take time to consult with our clients in our clean, comfortable and safe environment so together we can find the right solution for your car, truck, SUV needs. Our Lake Havasu auto repair shop is clean, organized and family friendly. Our Tech- Net Auto Center with ASE Certified and Master Mechanics is the Best in the Industry.

Exceptional 2year / 24,000 Mile Tech-Net Nationwide Warranty on most repairs!

Brake Repair Services


Brakes….May be the most important safety feature on your vehicle! At Robinson Automotive, we believe when you take care of PEOPLE, everything else falls into place. You can be confident that brake service and brake repair at Robinson Automotive is professionally and properly performed by our ASE Certified and Master Mechanics. We appreciate the opportunity to earn your confidence and trust!

Air Conditioning Repair

Beat Lake Havasu’s extreme temperatures!


Robinson Automotive technicians will have all the tools necessary to inspect, repair and recharge your vehicle’s air conditioning system. If you are experiencing any problems with your automotive air conditioning system or have not had it serviced in over 2 years, your vehicle could be using extra fuel and wasting money! Stop wasting money and have your air conditioner maintained to keep it and your vehicle in optimal operating condition!

Air Conditioning Peace of Mind

Robinson Automotive’s very effective automotive air conditioning performance test checks your vehicle for proper air conditioning operation including proper belt tension as well as the cabin air filter for obstructions all to help determine how well your system is performing. They also recharge your system if there are any variances from factory-specified pressure levels.

Air Conditioning Repair

In the event your automotive air conditioner fails, the team at Robinson Automotive is fully prepared to repair no matter if you have a car, truck or SUV. They have all the state of the art tools necessary to complete your repair and the experience of ASE-Certified Master Technicians, so you know your repair is going to get done right the first time!

If you’re running into air conditioning problems, make sure to give Robinson Automotive a call!

Cooling System Repair

Be Prepared for Lake Havasu’s summers sizzling heat!

Cooling Systems

Your vehicle cooling system helps to keep your engine and transmission running within normal operating temperatures, by pumping coolant through your engine and transmission cooler with the water pump via small channels that draw heat away from the metal components and then carry that heat to your radiator where it is dissipated by air passing through small fins in the radiator. With help of the electric cooling fan and or fan clutch. Don’t let our brutal Lake Havasu heat leave you stranded!

Inspect Every Year, Stay In the Clear!

Neglecting your cooling system can have serious consequences including engine failure which is why we always recommend a yearly inspection of your vehicle. This allows you to catch the small things before they become big things and strand you on the side of the road. An inexpensive part like a old worn-out hose can end up costing you much, much more in towing charges and loss of use of your vehicle.

At Robinson Automotive we will perform a “Free” complete cooling system inspection by appointment.

Diesel Repair in Lake Havasu, AZ


Robinson Automotive Lake Havasu’s preferred Diesel Repair!!
Factory trained ASE certified Master technicians

Nothing can disrupt your life quite like auto trouble with your Diesel. It can affect your work schedule, your family schedule – even that weekend fishing trip you’ve got scheduled! So, if you run into engine problems with your Diesel, be sure to take your vehicle to the reliable, effective shop you can trust – Robinson Automotive Lake Havasu, AZ

Robinson Automotive has served the residents of Lake Havasu since 2009. Our facility’s expert repair technicians provide the best possible service at affordable, competitive prices. If you’re in need of diesel repair in Lake Havasu or just general Diesel repair in Lake Havasu, AZ then Robinson Automotive is the place to go. We’ll work closely with you, communicating every step of the way to make sure you get exactly what you need to get back on the road in no time.

What sort of services do we offer? Here’s a list of what we can provide for your Diesel:

  • General services
  • Heating and cooling services
  • Electrical services
  • Transmission services
  • Electronic services
  • Internal engine services
  • Heavy-duty services

And remember, we are the spot to go to for Diesel engine repair in Lake Havasu. If you need your Diesel serviced, Robinson Automotive has the skill, the technology and the experience to get you up and running again – saving you valuable time and giving you peace of mind. Robinson Automotive can also assist in servicing and repairing any domestic or import model vehicle that you might need work on. When your vehicle needs service, we can help you out.